Hostal Plaza Boutique

Hostal Plaza Boutique is located in the heart of Zaragoza's bustling tourist center, right in Plaza del Pilar, just a few meters from the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar and the Cathedral of Salvador de Zaragoza (La Seo). Thanks to its privileged location, it is surrounded by many high-quality hospitality services: restaurants, cafes, terraces, and souvenir shops.

In addition to its enviable location, the hostel is air-conditioned and has 15 fully equipped double rooms, allowing visitors to enjoy their accommodation comfortably, in the best atmosphere and with complete privacy.

Room 101

This exterior room, with a 1.50-meter bed and a unique design, offers more than just a place to rest; it's a complete experience.

Enjoy comfort in our air-conditioned...

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Room 102

Explore the charming Room 102 at the Hostal Plaza Boutique, with exterior views of Plaza del Pilar.

This cozy room features a spacious 1.50-meter bed for a restful...

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Room 103

Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of our Room 103, an interior space that offers an unparalleled experience. Although slightly smaller than the others, it has been meticulously designed to...

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Room 104

Welcome to Room 104, designed to provide comfort and accessibility to everyone, including people with disabilities.

With strategically arranged furniture to facilitate...

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Room 105

Step into the cozy Room 105, an interior space offering you a unique experience. Though slightly smaller, it has been designed to ensure your comfort and rest.


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Room 106

Room 106 at the Hostal Plaza Boutique offers a unique experience, standing out as the only one with a small interior terrace, furnished with a table and two chairs, adding a special charm to...

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Room 107

Don't miss the captivating Room 107 at Hostal Plaza Boutique, one of the most spacious, welcoming you with a 1.50-meter bed and a rest area featuring a modern seat, creating a broad and cozy...

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Room 108

Welcome to the intimate atmosphere of Room 108 at Hostal Plaza Boutique.

With decoration inspired by a forest, this room, though slightly smaller with a 1.35-meter bed, offers you...

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Room 109

Our Room 109 is located inside the Hostal Plaza Boutique.

This room, one of the most spacious, welcomes you with a comfortable 1.50-meter bed, offering a broad and...

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Room 110

Room 110 at Hostal Plaza Boutique, while slightly smaller than the others, features a 1.35-meter bed and a romantic design dedicated to flowers.

It also offers a...

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Room 111

Let yourself be embraced by the cozy Room 111 at the heart of Hostal Plaza Boutique. Though more compact than some of our spaces, this room has been designed to offer you a comfortable and...

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Room 112

Enjoy Room 112, an interior space that stands out for its generous size, being slightly larger than other rooms at Hostal Plaza Boutique.

Comfortable and welcoming,...

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Room 113

Enjoy Zaragoza from our Room 113 at Hostal Plaza Boutique, an exterior gem that offers captivating views of Plaza del Pilar.

Strategically located, this room immerses...

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Room 114

Come and discover Room 114, an exterior wonder at Hostal Plaza Boutique with stunning views of Zaragoza's Plaza del Pilar.

This room features a 1.50-meter bed in a...

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Room 115

Welcome to Room 115, an exterior corner that blends charm with comfort at Hostal Plaza Boutique, offering spectacular views of Zaragoza's Plaza del Pilar.

This room features a 1.50-meter...

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Room equipment

Air conditioning and heating

Free Wi-Fi

Smart TV 32''

Full bathroom with shower

Accessible room for disabled guests